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Vacation Photo Album
Philip Yim and Enid Lam

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Here are some pictures from a recent vacation I took.
Click on the photos will lead to my first webpage with more photos and information on that country.

Animated flag of Israel

Jerusalem from Mt. Olive

Here I'll describe this picture from my vacation, including information such as where and when it was taken, and what memories it brings back.

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Philip in Roman Solider's armor and Enid presents as a noble. Click on it links to my first site more photos

In Israel, a famous Roman restaurant; but the food is...

Animated flag of Greece.

The Parthenon in the Acropolis in Athen. Enid is near it. Click on that pic links to more photos and info on Greece.

The Parthenon on the acropolis (means "city on high") in Athen. It is built of Pendelic marble in the Doric Style (small round top and more simple in style). It took 15 years to build (447 - 432 B.C.). It is the temple of the virgin (in Greek "parthena" ) Athena (their goddess).

Animated flag of Egypt

Under the Great Pyramid; Enid & Philip

From the hugh rocks you can tell! It is the Egyptian Pyramid!