Human Development and Community Services


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What and Why -- HDCS


Human Development & Community Services (HDCS) is a Non Government organization registered with HMG/Nepal. It is a national level NGO in Nepal involved in community development that works in accordance with Christian values and principles. The board of HDCS comprises the qualified, experienced and matured Christian Leaders from the different professional background.


To be the living witness of God's love to serve, empower and link the communities.


The HDCS represents an effort of Christian Community to improve the holistic life of the communities by serving and participating in initiatives, use of local resources linking with other partners.


It is not new thing to the mission agencies that government is slow to issue working visa to the expatriate and there are many incidents that the expatriate had to leave Nepal as HMG/N did not renew it. Political situation is also not in favor of expatriate and some of them feel unsecured. Some of the mission agencies are now looking for a sound Nepali Christian Organization as their successor and they are highly talking about Nepalisation of their activities.

In the present context of Nepal, HDCS aim to carry out the work started by the Christian Pioneers and mission agencies due to the following reason:

1. Nepali Christians need to be involved in the social activities, so that the attitudes of the community be changed and know that Nepali Christians are also active in social activities.

2. As mission agencies are serious to see Nepali Christians NGO involve and carry out the God's work by nationals.

3. God's work be continued even when HMG/N deny to renew the agreement of the mission organizations or to grant the working visas for the expatriates.

4. Political situation may get worse and the expatriates find themselves unsecured to remain here.

Our Staff

Tirtha B. Thapa (Th. M.)
Executive Director

Our Location

P.O. Box 8975 EPC 1461 Kathmandu, Nepal.
Phone: 541164, 541299