Human Development and Community Services


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Values and Objectives

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HDCS adopts the Biblical values as per the following guiding principles to carry out its activities:

We adopt the holistic approach to understand the community needs, take care of God's creation, emphasize long term solution than quick fixation, promote the self-reliance, seek to provide equal opportunity to all, putting the other people first, maintain transparency in all activities, promote good spirit & team work, not to discriminate among beneficiaries and respect the importance of different cultural values.


  1. To improve the physical, social and spiritual aspects of the communities through local initiatives.

  2. To communicate and to create awareness of the needs and potential of needy communities, so that privileged communities will take responsibility to serve the needy.

  3. To educate communities and bring social awareness through training, seminars, consultation and conference.

  4. To encourage communities to implement program on social issues.

  5. To strengthen human resources development through information, education and communication.

elephant grass on his shoulder.

elephant grass on his shoulder.