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My Studies and Interests
Philip Yim and Enid Lam

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I love doing researches! I have a lot of interests too!

My Interests:

I have a lot of interests: Reading, computer (including games), table tennis, making friends with others,

psychology (esp. research on "self"; and developmental psychology), Biblical studies, Medicine (Western & Herbal), Mathematics (including Statistics), Physics (esp. Comology, superstrings theories, and particle physics), biology, Chemistry, photography, futurology, administration, Linguistics, History (Ancient and modern trends), Sociology, Counseling, Philosophy, Brain research, psychiatry, Economics, Education (Teaching methods, on-line education), and Computing & internet (webdesign, internet development and future trends).

My M. Div. Graduation.

My Researches:

My researches cover a lot of areas; but the main concern is Biblical study. Besides, Mathematics (Statistics), Psychology, Sociology and Economics, Administration, Church Growth, Medicine (Western and Herbal), and ...


Awards / Publication

June 1989 --- Academic Award of Evangel Theological Seminary

May 1994 --- Jesus' Ministry According to Gospel Mark From a Sociological Perspective
M. Div. Thesis presented to Lutheran Theological Seminary 1994

May 1997 --- Roman 1:1-18 as a key of interpreting the purpose and the structure of Romans
Th. M. Thesis presented to the Southeast Asia Graduate School of Theology 1997

In progress --- Chinese Translation of Robert J. Wicks' book "Seeds of Sensitivity: Deepening Your Spiritual Life"