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Articles Archive
Philip Yim and Enid Lam

Some of my research articles and interested topics

Biblical or Theological

A) Research done during B. Th. study
1) Interpretation on 144,000 in the revelation (Chinese);
2) The concept of original sin in the Wesleyan tradition;

B) Research done during M. Div. Study
1) The use of OT in Hebrews
2) Interpretation of John 17:1-26
3) "Of Water and Spirit": John 3:3,5
4) Theology of Ecclesiates

C) Research done during Th. M. Study

1) What is a Jew in Paul's times and Paul's distinctiveness as an individual?

2) Current Trends in the Interpretation of Acts

3) The Structure of Acts

4) The Tradition History of Psalm 110

Other researches:

May the Lord bless you as HE is always with you!