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Morrison Chapel
Philip Yim and Enid Lam

Morrison Chapel

Morrison church

The Diocese of Macau (Anglican Church)

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The 'Macau Protestant Chapel' (locally known as the 'Morrison Chapel' is a house of Prayer for all Nations).

Situated on the edge of the Camoes Gardens and adjoining the stately mansion of the Fundacao Oriente, the Chapel serves as a focus for Macau's English speaking Protestant community.

The main service on Sundays is the Holy Communion which is at 9.00 a.m. There is tea in the courtyard afterwards, and an opportunity to meet people. Who knows - some might become your best friends in Macau. The Chapel and grounds are open to visitors from 8-30 a.m. until 5-30 p.m.

Contact information:
The Priest-in-Charge is The Revd. Dr. Michael Poon.
The English Congregation Coordinator is George Backwell.

In the first instance it may be best to contact George (Office Tel: 353 867 or Fax 325 314).
Whether you are a newcomeer to Macau, a resident who has yet to link up with them, or a visitor, you will be welcome indeed at the Sunday service.
(Or, if you are not free at that time, simply get in touch so that they know of your interest).

How to find the Chapel:
the No. 17 bus marked 'Camoes' terminates just outside the Camoes Gardens (fare Patacas or HKD 2-50).
Looking towards the gardens the entrance gate to the Chapel and grounds is across the square to your right - a metal gate opening in the wall.

If you take a taxi, you may show your destination to the driver in the Chinese script below.


Description on Morrison church

The above info is based on the advertisement done by George. Special thanks to him!
The Revd. Dr. Michael Poon is my former lecturer in Evangel Theological Seminary.